Entretien Mirco

Entretien Mirco has over 25 years experience in installing, maintaining and repairing commercial ovens and rotisseries.

We are an authorized distributor of new Hardt Rotisseries and we also buy and sell used Hardt ovens.

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Entretien Mirco
Is Proud Be An Authorized Service Company for
Rational Canada.

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Entretien Mirco – Our Services

Experienced – Reliable – Quick Response

Delivery and Installation

Let the Professionals Do It – We deliver and install ovens, we move ovens from one store to another.

Rebuilt Rotisseries and Customised Rotisseries

Once we buy a used oven the oven is completely stripped of ALL parts. The only thing left is the empty shell or casing. We then clean the shell inside and out.

Authorized Sales – New and Rebuilt and Customized

We are authorized to sell new Hardt ovens. Not only are we an authorised distributer of new Hardt Rotisseries we also Buy and sell used Hardt ovens.

Reconditioning and Overhaul

We pick up at your store to get your oven and bring it to our shop and recondition it like new with all up to date new or rebuilt parts with same warranty of one to two years parts and labour depending on your budget.

Complete Rotisserie Maintenance

We offer the most complete and comprehensive Rotisserie repair service. We also offer specialized preventative maintenance for key elements of your equipment.


Learn from the Experts – We provide a full training service with over 25 years of experience Entretien Mirco will come to your store and spend as much time as you need to properly train your staff on operating the oven.

Gallery of Our Excellent Work

Entretien Mirco is dedicated  to our customer results in reliable and trusted results and equipment! See our Galery >>>>