We offer the most complete and comprehensive Rotisserie repair service.

  • Maintenance for the drive gears. We clean the gears to remove accumulated carbon build up in and around the gears to avoid them from becoming seized.
  • We clean the gas orifices, the air intake to the gas burners (primary air), the air intake around the motor so it cools down properly if the motor runs hot it won’t last as long.
  • We adjust and oil the chain.
  • Calibrate temperature and replace any parts that need to be replaced like spark plugs and spark plug cables.
  • We clean the inside of the oven like new. This service is done between 3 to 6 months depending on the stores volume.

Reconditioning and Overhaul

Complete Reconditioning 

We pick up your oven at your store to get your oven and bring it to our shop and recondition it like new with all up to date new or rebuilt parts with same warranty of one to two years parts and labour depending on what you budget is.

Authorized Sales – New and Rebuilt and Customized

Experience and Expertise

We are authorized to sell new Hardt ovens. Not only are we an authorised distributer of new Hardt Rotisseries we also Buy and sell used Hardt ovens.

Our used ovens are like no other used piece of equipment

Entretien Mirco is constantly working with the engineers at Hardt giving them field feedback and experience as part of the development cycle of new rotisseries.

Rebuilt Rotisseries and Customized Rotisseries

Once we buy a used oven the oven is completely stripped of ALL parts. The only thing left is the empty shell or casing. We then clean the shell inside and out.
We inspect the shell for any cracks that may of occurred in the welds or bends, if there is any welding needed we re-weld any cracks in the stainless and replace any parts that are not repairable like burner supports which take the most heat.

Once all the repairs are done we polish the stainless steel like new. At this point the oven is ready to be reassembled to the customers requirements.

The ovens come with many different options available, some models can be double decked, some have casters for moving them when cleaning or to servicing.

One of the most important things when buying any Hardt oven from us is all the special little modifications which are not seen by the customer have been modified to make service easier in the field. What this means is when we have to change certain parts in the field due to the modifications we made on your oven the time in labour is cut up to 50%.

This is because of over 25 yrs of field exp. We are able to make these changes at no extra cost to you but saves you money in future service.

Delivery and Installation – Let the Professionals Do It  !

We deliver and install ovens, we move ovens from one store to another.

Some customers start with one oven and afterwards get busy and decide to buy another oven and we take care of the complete installation.

Entretien Mirco is constantly working with the engineers at Hardt giving them field feedback and experience as part of the development cycle of new rotisseries.

Training – Learn from the Experts

We provide a full training service with over 25 years of experience Mirco will come to your store and spend as much time as you need to properly train your staff on operating the oven.

How to put the chickens or other products you wish to cook on the skewers, what spices to use and the cleaning of the oven which is very important in the life of the oven.

When properly cleaned the ovens have less problems therefore saving you money in service repairs.